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  • RT @RSChronicle: The Trials are Open! Jump in game to try out Chronicle's free Single Player Campaign! https://t.co/B9N65psaqK 18/Oct/2016 12:08:58
  • RT @RuneScape: We're lending our support to the #IAMWHOLE campaign, targeting stigma associated with mental health issues. You in? https:/… 14/Oct/2016 09:10:59
  • RT @JagexThatJim: #funfacts Two years ago today, @JagexFox & I had the pleasure of announcing @RSChronicle at @RuneFest 2014. What a day!… 12/Oct/2016 09:35:20
  • .@RuneScape owners hails record profits https://t.co/RtFmkL67t8 (via @insidercentral) 11/Oct/2016 08:40:08
  • RT @pcgamer: Chronicle: Runescape Legends developers let me make a card, so I turned a meme into a masterpiece. https://t.co/4hNDHNPtqc htt… 07/Oct/2016 14:02:01
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